Offsite Backups

Automated backup of your files for small business.

Our offsite backup system is a customised solution designed for disaster mitigation that allows the automatic backup of important files and databases that your business depends on. Requiring only a small remote agent on your own equipment, we configure it to look for the files you want, set the frequency you desire and let it run.

How it works

Sqonk sends your server a request on a reoccurring basis for new and changed files.
All files that need to be copied are transferred back to cloud server and logged.
At the end of month a report of backup activity is emailed to you.

Backup Plans

How much data do you want to transfer each month and how much do you want to historically keep?


50GB storage


100GB storage


250GB storage


500GB storage


1TB storage


1.5TB storage


2TB storage

Tell me more...

Where is my data being stored?

In Australia. In Melbourne. The physical hardware is fully owned and controlled by Sqonk. The storage and server is located in a secured data centre that requires authorisation to visit.

How does billing work?

At the start of every calendar month you will be invoiced for the amount of the plan you have nominated. If you have gone over your monthly bandwidth quota you will also be sent an additional invoice for the amount you have used. Payments are due 7 days from the invoice date of issue.

You may also nominate to pay 12 months in advance.

What happens if I go over my monthly allowance?

You will be sent a separate invoice for the amount of data you have used over your initial plan. Additional bandwidth is charged at $4 per GB rounded up to the next GB.

How do you accept payments?

Currently EFT (electronic funds transfer) is the only accepted form of payment. Most banks make it simple to make online payments.

What types of backups do you offer?

This service is not intended as an open-ended full hard drive backup. It is specifically designed for targeting subsets of files or smaller folders/directories.

Can you encrypt my files before transferring them?

Yes, as long your own server is compatible with and can install standard GPG encryption software, our own system can leverage it into the backup schedule.

What are the system requirements?

The service requires that you designate a computer/server that our own server may access. This requires the following:

How do I know the backups are successful?

You will receive either a weekly or monthly backup report to your designated email address detailing success and failure rates.

Does retrieving a backup file count towards my monthly allowance?

Yes, all data that goes in or out of the service is counted against your quota.

Can I access my files any time I like?

Although not as secure, we can provide FTP access upon request. When enabled you can download backups on demand or even upload manually.

Interested in Offsite Backups?