Web and Mail Hosting

Choose a plan that works for you


5GB bandwidth

1GB storage

1 domain name

1 domain name alias

3 email boxes

2 databases


10GB bandwidth

5GB storage

2 domain names

3 domain name aliases

5 email boxes

3 databases


25GB bandwidth

8GB storage

5 domain names

5 domain name aliases

10 email boxes

4 databases


80GB bandwidth

12GB storage

5 domain names

7 domain name aliases

15 email boxes

6 databases


120GB bandwidth

15GB storage

10 domain names

10 domain name aliases

20 email boxes

10 databases

+25 GB of Shared Mail Storage

If you need more on-server storage for IMAP mail accounts

+25GB of storage

+50 GB of Shared Mail Storage

If you need more on-server storage for IMAP mail accounts

+50GB of storage

* Please Note: Excess charges apply for exceeding your monthly bandwidth. On all new accounts this charge is currently 90c per GB, rounded up to the nearest GB.

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What plan should I go with?

If you have a basic website with only a few pages and only need a couple of email accounts then our 5/1 package will fit your needs.

The main determining factors in selecting a package is how much bandwidth or email boxes you are likely to use. If you're not sure we suggest starting with the minimum and upgrading when you need to. You can move between plans as needed without penalty.

How does billing work?

We bill for time in advance and offer the following payment options:

Do you have any restrictions over what can be hosted?

Yes. For more information please read the terms and conditions, which outlines banned content.

What happens if I go over my monthly allowance?

You will be sent a separate invoice for the amount of data you have used over your initial plan. Additional bandwidth rates vary based on the server your site is living on.

How do you accept payments?

Currently EFT (electronic funds transfer) is the only accepted form of payment. Most banks make it simple to make online payments.

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